Flexible Funding Round 2

The second round of Flexible Funding awards were announced in April 2017:


Flexible Funding Project

Lead Contact



Novel Data Integration Techniques for Enhanced Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring

Christopher Crabtree

PI C. Crabtree (Durham),
CI D. Zappalá (Durham)


Experimental Characterisation and Modelling of Multistatic Multiband Radar Signatures of Large Offshore Wind Turbines

Laith Danoon

PI A. Brown (Manchester),
CIs: L. Danoon (Manchester),
F. Fioranelli (Glasgow),
H. Griffiths (UCL),
R. Palamà (UCL)


Comparison of turbine powertrain models and measurements for maximum energy capture

Alasdair McDonald

PI A. McDonald (Strathclyde)
CI: M. Mueller (Edinburgh),
JP. Echenique (Edinburgh)