Flexible Funding

Flexible Funding Round 2 applications closed on 24th June 2016. Applicants were advised on 6th October 2016 whether they have been selected to submit a full proposal.

Dates and Deadlines

Thursday 6th October 2016 - Invitation for Full Proposals
Friday 18th November 2016- Full Proposals Deadline
Friday 13th January 2017- Flexible Funding Round 2 Decisions

If you have any questions related to your application, please submit these to michelle.morrison.100@strath.ac.uk 

A major achievement of SUPERGEN Wind Phases 1 and 2 was to bring together complementary Wind Energy research being undertaken by the Consortium Members to establish a strongly collaborative multi-disciplinary research programme addressing many issues impacting on the cost of energy. The additionality, that the defined programme of research will bring, in the main is to provide the collaborative element to the combined research portfolio of Members.

A similar philosophy is being applied to Flexible Funding; that is, it will be used to support the collaborative element of a research project. Nevertheless, the need to support individual projects of high importance in other areas is recognised. The specific purpose of the flexible funding element within the SUPERGEN Wind Hub, thus, includes the following:

  • To support proof of concept work including preparatory research for proposals responding to calls such as the EPSRC Grand Challenges in Wind Energy, FP7, Horizon 2020 etc.
  • To support the integration of independently funded research, that would bring additionality, into the collaborative multi-disciplinary research programme of the Consortium
  • To expand the scope of the research undertaken in response to changing priorities in this rapidly evolving area.
  • To provide bridging funding to key research personnel.
  • To support visits by overseas academics whose direct input can contribute to the Consortium research programme.