Flexible Funding Special Projects

The Flexible Funding Special Projects awards were announced on 15/06/18:

Institution Flexible Funding Project Lead Contact Researchers
/images/bristol-logo.jpg Fatigue prediction for non-conventional laminates application to wind turbine blades  

Dr Giuliano Allegri 

PI: Giuliano Allegri (Bristol) CI: Dr Terence Macquart (Bristol)
Solid State Transformers for Offshore Wind Turbines Dr Christopher Crabtree PI: Dr Christopher Crabtree (Durham)


Offshore wind turbines: characterisation & measurements of their radar signatures  Dr Francesco Fioranelli 

PI: Dr Francesco Fioranelli (Glasgow)

 /images/imperial-logo.jpg The Economic Prospects of a Power Hub in the North Sea Dr Iain Staffell

PI: Dr Iain Staffell (ICL)

System Identification for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation and Structural Performance Professor Byron Byrne PI: Prof Byron Byrne (Oxford)

 /images/STFClogo.png width=

Geographic and Economic Modelling of Floating Wind Potential in the UK Renewable Energy Zone Dr Sarah James PI: Dr Sarah James (STFC)
 /images/strathclyde-logo.jpg Development of an integrated life-cycle cost assessment model of floating wind turbines. Professor Feargal Brennan PI: Prof Feargal Brennan (Strathclyde)
 /images/strathclyde-logo.jpg Communication delays and the provision of ancillary services by offshore wind  Professor Bill Leithead PI: Prof Bill Leithead (Strathclyde)
 /images/strathclyde-logo.jpg Comparison of turbine powertrain models and measurements: data analysis Dr Alasdair McDonald PI: Dr Alasdair McDonald (Strathclyde)

CI: Dr Pablo Jaen Sola (Strathclyde)

 /images/strathclyde-logo.jpg Automated Video Analysis for Accurate Wave Height Measurements in Offshore Wind Farms Dr Paul Murray PI: Dr Paul Murray (Strathclyde)
CI: Dr David McMillan (Strathclyde), 
Dr Jethro Browell (Strathclyde)
Veers’ method Extension to Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layers (VESABL) Dr Marco Placidi PI: Dr Marco Placidi (Surrey)